Horror Writers Association

HWAI’ve been accepted as an Active member of the Horror Writers Association, which is based in the USA.

I’ve been contemplating joining the organisation for a number of years, but decided I’d wait until I could enter as a professional, so it’s nice to hit that landmark.

Throughout my life I have worked with, and for, societies, unions, and Guilds whose purpose is to bring people together to form a collective voice. I believe quite passionately in such groups, even when they have their failings.

I also appreciate that the HWA changed its name a number of years ago from the Horror Writers of America to the Horror Writers Association to reflect its global membership. Plus, it’s nice to be part of a group that celebrates macabre fiction.

Being a member in Ireland means it’s unlikely I’ll be attending many of the HWA events (although I’m sorely tempted by the HWA/The Bram Stoker Awards® joint conference in New Orleans next year), but thanks to the Internet I can at least be part of the online community.

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