cú chulainn mural

Last week I was lucky to get a tour of the new Google building in Dublin. I was blown away by the interior design.

I don’t believe I’ve encountered another company that has invested so much thought and consideration into designing functional and fun environments for their employees.

Each floor is themed in a particular way, and as a mythology nut and a fan of comics I was delighted with the Emain Macha floor.

Here’s most of the full-wall mural in the games room/café on that floor:

The arena - wide

Here’s a close-up:

The arena - close

I’ve more images from this on my Flickr account. That’s the Irish hero Cú Cuhlainn, no doubt doing his famous ‘salmon leap’ move in an arena.

This specially-commissioned painting was completed by the talented fellows at http://oghme.com – what amazing work!


  • Oghme

    Hi there !

    We just stumbled on your blog while searching for photos of the work we did with master Colm !
    We are so glad that a fellow Comics artist, and not only that but a *she*-comic artist, and what’s more, an Irish she-comics-artist,… wrote a blog post about the Cuchulainn paintings.

    We really had a blast working with Colm, and it might simply be the best collaboration we ever had with a professional organisation.

    Thanks a million for your appreciation, and don’t hesitate to contact us for a chat, someday !

    Ronan & Pierre

    (nb: we eventually begun the process of re-working our *ugliest-ever* old oghme.com website, and there’s a lot of new material to be released soon, on Cu’s training with Scattach)

    • Maura

      Dear Ronan & Pierre,

      Thanks for commenting on the post. 🙂 I love your artwork. Funny, I’m currently at Thought Bubble, one of the UK’s biggest comic book conventions, so I’ve been chatting to so many talented people in the industry this weekend.

      Just to clarify: I’m a comic book writer, not an artist, but love collaborating but artists on graphic projects. 🙂

      Keep up the good work!

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