project updates

The good news is that issue 1 of Róisín Dubh is at the printers, and we’ve even got the proofs. Fingers crossed it should be available at the end of next week.

It’s been a long road with this comic book series. Rob Curley of Atomic Diner pitched the idea to me in the summer of 2009, and I finished writing the last draft of the last issue a year ago.

It feels rather unreal that I will be holding issue 1 in my hands quite soon.

I’ve been posting some more images from the first issue on the RD web site, which will be familiar to those of you who got last year’s 10-page sampler… yet there are differences! The entire issue had to be re-lettered for consistency so there are subtle changes in the first ten pages.

Work on Jennifer Wilde is proceeding at a fast pace, thanks to the talented dedication of artist Stephen Downey. At this rate the first issue of JW might even be out in June.

So, as is required these days, Jennifer Wilde has its own web site: and a twitter account: @JenWildeComic. The Facebook account has been up for some time, in case some of you would prefer to connect that way.

I’m a big proponent of social media, and I use it every day, but it does consume an awful lot of time…

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