a busy period

I’m coming into a busy couple of weeks and I’m unsure of how much time I’ll have to allocate to blogging.

While there is a certain requirement these days for people to blog/tweet/etc. on a regular basis, it does impinge upon my allotted ‘free’ time. Over the coming two weeks that free time is shrinking considerably as a large project with a tight deadline just landed with a thud on my desk. I also have two active projects that are simmering, with one of them coming up to a whistling boil.

So, here’s a photo I took in Stockholm, during my recent trip.

Strindberg 2

It’s one of a series of murals in honour of Swedish novelist and playwright August Strindberg at the Rådmansgatan metro station. I’ve four other images of them on my Flickr account.

I admired them greatly every time we used the station, and I was glad they were free of any kind of graffiti. Of course the images have a Gothic, dark sensibility that appeal to me.

It was quite a contrast to the startlingly beautiful weather we experienced in Stockholm. We would climb from the dark, pristine Tunnelbana stations to emerge into a beautiful, spacious cityscape, etched against laser-blue skies.

I might concentrate on adding other images to my blog with short pieces of text to keep the site active for the next few weeks. I have a number of blog posts I want to write, but they will require a little too much attention than I have to give, so I will have to put them off for a while.

In the meantime I have written a short piece on the Róisín Dubh web site about finalising the text for the first issue of the comic book series, which might be of interest.

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