women in comics in UK/Ireland – redux

The promised follow-up to the British women in comics blog post in January. I’ve written an overview of this entry also.

A list of female writers and artists (colourists, inkers, pencilers, etc.) who work in sequential storytelling in the UK and Ireland.

I’ve created a permanent page for this list on my web site – it’s linked on the sidebar. This post will no longer be updated. All further updates will be on the page.

Update: for a comprehensive overview of the history of women who have worked in the comic book industry in the UK read The Inking Woman, edited by Nicola Streeten and Cath Tate, published by Myriad.

Artists / Writers

Those marked with an * are Irish or based in Ireland.


A sample of comic book industry web sites that are women-friendly.


Regularly scheduled Comic Book events in the UK/Ireland that feature women on the guest list.

Comic Book Events

I’m keeping this list updated regularly. Please leave me a comment, email me or tweet me if there are women omitted from this list. (Last update: Nov 26, 2011)


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