gallery cats

Gallery cats

Mallorcans love cats and dogs. They are well-treated and indulged, and are everywhere on the island, usually not far from their doting owners.

I snapped this mother and daughter duo in a Gallery in the incredibly picturesque village of Sóller.

I caught the rickety train, with its old-fashioned wooden carriages, into the mountains to explore the town for a couple of hours. The train trundled upwards past almond trees shedding their blossoms, trees dripping with lemons and oranges, and ancient olive groves.

Sóller’s buildings are relatively unaltered, with terracotta roofs, wrought iron balconies and sturdy, polished wooden doors. Many of its winding, narrow streets – loomed over by serrated mountains with clouded tops – are often empty of tourists or locals, especially during siesta (despite the day’s low temperatures). It’s one of the benefits of being here in the off-season.

These two cats lazed among the exhibits of Spanish and Mallorcan artists in a gallery, and tolerated my attention with easy good will. Even though this picture is rather blurred I love how it captures their synchronised prowling motion.

Sóller seems to be a magnet for artists, and many of its shops promote good quality craftsmanship and stunning art. It’s a refreshing change of pace from the tat being flogged in most of the stalls around the island.

It’s a useful reminder of the legacy of Spanish artisans and a sign that their traditions continue to flourish.

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