night walk

Camp fire moonTonight, there is an amazing moon. I’m lucky to live in a place with little liight pollution, and there are some nights when this is a joy.

Earlier this evening, because it was a clear night with strong moonlight, I decided to walk Minnie in the woods in the darkness. I don’t do this frequently, but whenever I do I swear I’ll do it more often.

When we arrived at the woods I noticed that the person with the property opposite to the entrance was having a bonfire. It was magical. The fire snapping and popping, the saffron-crimson flames licking up between the gaps of the trees and Mistress Moon gliding above us.

I only had my mobile phone with me, so I knew pictures would be poor quality, but I tried some experimentation anyway: with the flash on and off, using different modes and using the little flashlight I had with me as a spotlight. I achieved some interesting shots. If you don’t try something you never learn anything new. The best thing about digital photography is there is little cost to shooting a lot of failed images, and you can immediately work on them to see if you can produce an interesting effect – such as this one. This image is more evocative than anything else.

My hands were numb by the end of my walk. I spent the last section with the camera put away, and my hands buried in the pockets of my heavy fleece jacket.

I used that time to enjoy the still, moonlit woods and the sound of my dog breathing as she moved alongside me.