mallorcan tree

Crooked Mallorcan Tree

I’m only a couple of days on Mallorca and I’ve already had blazing sun and blue skies, an afternoon of torrential rain and a nocturnal lightning storm. It’s mercurial and eventual staying on a Mediterranean island in February.

I love it.

The vegetation is amazing to my eyes – a variety of palm trees (tall, stubby, gnarled) with huge architectural fronds, a wide range of cacti, as well as pink, purple and violet flowers in bloom. And always the constant drumbeat of the waves pounding against the rocks.

Most of the pubs, cafes and souvenir shops are closed. Santa Ponsa has a slightly forlorn feeling at times, but I don’t think I could bear being here during the high season, when the population quadruples.

Now the town is occupied by locals and retired couples who fly south for the winter, and it has a genial, sedate atmosphere. The excitement is provided by the quixotic weather.

I’ve been writing during the chilly, wet squalls, and getting out for walks when the sun suddenly re-appears. I bring my camera with me everywhere.

I will need reminders of this holiday for when I return to Ireland to wait for the summer to creep slowly northward.

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