Involuntary Muscle

Issue 35 of Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction is now out and it includes my short story ‘Involuntary Muscle’.

Thanks to editors Stephen Theaker and John Greenwood for choosing to include my story in this issue.

It also features work by Matthew Amundsen, Douglas Ogurek, reviews by John Greenwood, Stephen Theaker and Howard Watts, with cover art also supplied by Howard.

I find myself somewhat finger-tied at the prospect of writing a preamble or summary of ‘Involuntary Muscle’. I suppose the best I can offer is an anecdote from when I attended Clarion West, and Maureen McHugh was our mentor for a week. She said one time that when you write a story you would hesitate to show your mother then you’re probably onto a good thing. This is one of those stories.

My mother reads this blog, so perhaps I’ll be getting a phone call soon!


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