frog hide

Here's froggy!

Today, I noticed this chap leaping through the undergrowth in the woods. He was shy, and I was towering above pointing my mobile phone at him, so it’s not a bad snap considering the circumstances, and the greyish light.

It’s the equinox today – an unusually late one – and it’s also a full moon. Perhaps the craziness that is supposed to afflict people at this time of the month will be offset by the day being in balance. Or, you know, it might just be another bead on the year’s necklace.

It was chilly this morning, a real harbinger of the deepening of autumn. Yesterday evening the daylight departed in a sudden rush, as if it remembered an old appointment. I will miss summer’s long days.

I’m hoping winter will dawdle slowly behind autumn this year.

The mushroom I took a picture of yesterday had already lost the majority of its cap today. It looked like a skinny boy monk that had received his first tonsure.

One day, and he had moved on to initiation. Good job I caught him with his flowing locks yesterday.