news for the new year

I’ve some news I’ve been sitting on for no good reason, other than my motivation for blogging suffered a sap across the forehead late last year.

In December I sold the audio right to my story “The Tamga” to Pseudopod. I’m delighted I’ll soon have another story up among their fine catalogue of spoken works. “The Tamga” was originally published in issue 6 of Shroud Magazine.

My story, “The Secret Names of Buildings” is now available in M-Brane SF, issue 12, which is guest edited by Rick Novy. It’s another of my Clarion West stories, and this was written for week 6, when the brilliant sf writer Vernor Vinge was our mentor. Vernor was a splendid teacher – he had enough enthusiasm for science and technology to power a continent.

Róisín Dubh, the graphic novel I’m collaborating on, has been quietly powering along. The artist for the project is Stephen Daly, and I’ve recently seen the first page of artwork, which is excellent.

Writing for comics has been an unexpected joy, and it is made better by working with a talented artist like Stephen. I can’t wait to see how it develops.

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