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Before I inflict my weekly tiny piece of prose upon the web I’ll mention a couple of items that might be of interest to some of my readers.

First off while perusing the films appearing in the forthcoming Spanish and Latin American Film Season at the IFI in Dublin I noticed that on Monday May 11th it’s showing a Mexican science fiction film called Sleep Dealer. We don’t often get opportunities to see sf films from other countries in Ireland, and it looks like it will be at least entertaining.

Also, I’ve posted an entry over on the Irish Playwrights and Screenwriters Guild’s Blog about a new screenwriting conference, called Give Me Direction, that’s being held in Dublin on June 4th—5th.

A number of excellent international screenwriters will be attending:

  • Shane Black (Lethal Weapon)
  • Shane Meadows and Paul Fraser (A Room for Romeo Brass, SomersTown)
  • Eran Kolirin (The Band’s Visit)
  • Conor McPherson (The Eclipse)

I had the fortune to attend a Q&A session with Shane Black when I was in L.A. a number of years ago, and one of my favourite possessions is a signed copy of his screenplay for Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. He’s worth the price of admission alone (€40) since we don’t normally get someone of his calibre in Ireland, but the other writers are hardly any slouches either. It’s a fine ensemble. Places are limited, and since I’ve already emailed the Guild’s membership about the event I would recommend you secure your place immediately.

Here’s my Thursday Twitterfic:

The corkscrew dial clicks and filters flick: people flare colour by mood, icons replace buildings, and data chains link the streets. I blink.

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