next year's dread event

European horror fans should be aware that in 2010 the World Horror Convention will be held in Brighton, UK from 25-26 March. The theme is “Brighton Shock!” ? a celebration of the European horror tradition from Victorian times to the present day. Anyone considering coming to the UK for the convention should note that it’s on the weekend before Odyessy 2010, otherwise known as Eastercon, which is the UK’s largest science fiction convention.

There have been a couple of press releases sent out from Worldon 2010 HQ lately. The first is that confirmed attending members who are interested in doing a reading at the convention’s “Reading Café” event, can now register at the website.

Also, the first Guest of Honour has been announced: Tanith Lee. She’s a legend in the field, a wonderful writer, and a worthy notable guest. I’m sure she’ll attract plenty of people to the convention.

There’s never been a World Horror convention in the UK before, and there’s already a strong list of excellent writers on the membership list. It looks like the event will be dreadful fun.

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