• primrose heart

    In the West of Ireland we’re enjoying wildly mercurial weather, as is typical for Spring. Today there were two downpours – one of hailstones – in between periods of glorious sunshine. The gusting winds rushed the clouds all over the sky. I guess they got annoyed and had a rain tantrum. Who likes being pressured? I took this picture of primroses in one of my local woods a few days ago. It was only when examining the image in close-up that I spotted the leaf uncurling in a heart-shape. So here’s some natural Spring Love. Don’t worry if the Spring breezes hurry in a shower. It will race away again…

  • Spring

    I took this photograph today of the Cherry-plum tree in my front garden. It’s always the welcome first herald of Spring, blossoming before most other trees. We’ve had two stunning, sunny days in a row, and the tree is garlanded with flowers now. Against the clear, azure skies the laden boughs sink and sigh, gravid in the breeze. Today I started sweeping up the clumps of leaves and twigs that have accumulated in drifts around the outside of the house thanks to winter’s storms. It’s the first day I’ve felt compelled to start the usual gardening jobs. Weeds are appearing, and I can’t say I’ve missed them. It’s best to…

  • cat boots

    I’m not a person who covets shoes, but I suspect some of you reading this blog might. Often, I like to take photographs of eye-catching display items, and this nabbed my attention in a shoe shop in Galway last Saturday. Not my style at all, but I liked the combination of colours and patterns, especially on a dull February day. The cat ankle books look like something from a fantasy story: put them on, say the magic word, and you are transformed into a cat. And you can even have a matching purse.

  • new shoots

    This is a hopeful sign from yesterday. It was taken on a day that could pass for Spring, but which followed one of the most miserable days (weather-wise anyway) we’ve had in months: sordid skies, torrential rain and gusting wind. I don’t mind coping with the grey days when they blow away and leave us with spearmint fresh skies and promises of verdant earth.