Spring blossoms

I took this photograph today of the Cherry-plum tree in my front garden. It’s always the welcome first herald of Spring, blossoming before most other trees.

We’ve had two stunning, sunny days in a row, and the tree is garlanded with flowers now. Against the clear, azure skies the laden boughs sink and sigh, gravid in the breeze.

Today I started sweeping up the clumps of leaves and twigs that have accumulated in drifts around the outside of the house thanks to winter’s storms. It’s the first day I’ve felt compelled to start the usual gardening jobs. Weeds are appearing, and I can’t say I’ve missed them. It’s best to get a start on this now, while I have a day or two of good weather.

Soon, all the plants and trees with quicken with flowers and green growth.

Life continues, relentless in its cycles and regardless of personal tragedy or happiness. This is a good thing.

Enjoy the flowers while they bloom.

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