• slanted

    An old post, slanted deep in summer foliage, against the changable sky. Summer in Ireland.

  • electric hugs and spinning

    Last weekend I went to a Silent Disco in the Big Top – a venue that’s erected for the Galway Arts Festival every year. The premise is that everyone is given a pair of wireless headphones, and there are two channels where different DJs compete for the crowd’s affections. At first I thought it would be quite weird, but it turned out to be great fun. It’s a strange combination of feeling liberated by wearing headphones and yet being part of a crowd experience. It’s interesting to watch the dynamics of the responses in the crowd as one DJ falls out of favour and another one catches on. There was…

  • escape artist

    the shadow of the bars can cast a longer shade than the sentence served behind them. when their cold memory dents recoiling skin recall the first free breath inhaled outside. the gaol of the past is the vital prison for the escape artist to crack.

  • graveyard red

    During our brief sunny spell at the weekend I stopped into the Forthill Cemetery in Galway city, an old graveyard I’d never visited before. It was ablaze with roses, and I seized the moment to take plenty of pictures, which was a good call as the lashing rain today probably stripped the bushes of their blooms by now. Under the blinding sun the atmosphere was upbeat and cheery. The roses struck supermodel poses against the stark, blue sky or the plain, grey palate of the gravestones. It was inclement weather for ghosts. I bumped into the caretaker, who was pleased I was so attentive to his roses. He gave me…

  • festival season

    This trio of buskers were offering up beautiful music on High Street in Galway on Saturday. It was a hot, sunny day, and the start of festival season in Galway. Actually, from about March onwards Galway is the host of festival after festival, but it reaches its cultural peak during July. Tomorrow sees the start of the Galway Film Fleadh, an internationally-famous film festival that’s an important marker on the Irish film calendar. The city can’t even hitch in a breath before the two-week Arts Festival descends, and then it’s the annual Galway Races. Before you know it it’s August and the summer is sliding away and the Oyster festivals…

  • donkey roll

    In late April I visited Farmleigh House in the Phoenix Park, which was ablaze with flowers. The weather was warm, but the sun was ducking in and out of cloud cover, giving an inconsistent light to the photos I took that day – I went crazy taking snaps of the blooms. So much so I kept putting off when I was leaving. Along the path to Farmleigh is a pasture in which grazed a number of donkeys. When I went over to take some pictures one of them plopped down in a patch of dry earth. Perhaps the donkey was entirely disinterested in my attention, and just had an itch…

  • summer colony

    I took this image the other day while walking my dog through a patch of woods I hadn’t been through before. I noticed this colony of fungus attached of the bottom of a branch, which was just above eye level. There are so many new things you can notice every day, if you just pay attention.

  • espresso day

    I don’t normally fuel my day on an espresso, but this little cup is a new purchase and it demanded use! It’s a piece of Paul Maloney Pottery, and I bought it because when I picked it up I felt like Goldilocks finding the perfect bed: it was a natural, comforable fit. It’s as if the potter knew the exact dimensions of my fingers and how I like to hold a cup. When you find a match like this you bring it home, and keep it forever.

  • fuzzy

    Martin spotted this hairy little fellow the other day while we were walking our dog. I hunkered down and got a few snaps of this impressive caterpillar using my mobile phone camera. I was really happy with the detail it captured. You’d expect to discover a caterpillar like this in a warner country, but it seems surprisingly exotic for Ireland.

  • take a deep breath

    I like to play around with images in Paint Shop Pro: change their colours, deform them, reverse them, etc. and see what happens. A lot of the time I have no objective other than to see what arises. It’s an enjoyable exercise for me. This started out as a photo I took of a children’s ride outside a café in Santa Ponsa, Mallorca last February. It was late at night and the town was deserted. This gnome and his crazy, wild-eyed horse companion had that weird, startling life of the neglected toy. Perhaps I was inspired by tonight’s fun episode of Fringe, with its homage to Inception, A Scanner Darkly…