donkey roll

In late April I visited Farmleigh House in the Phoenix Park, which was ablaze with flowers. The weather was warm, but the sun was ducking in and out of cloud cover, giving an inconsistent light to the photos I took that day – I went crazy taking snaps of the blooms. So much so I kept putting off when I was leaving.

Along the path to Farmleigh is a pasture in which grazed a number of donkeys. When I went over to take some pictures one of them plopped down in a patch of dry earth.

Donkey roll 1

Perhaps the donkey was entirely disinterested in my attention, and just had an itch to scratch, but I got the impression he was putting on a bit of a show. He proceeded to wiggle about and have an excellent dirt bath as I took lots of pictures.

Donkey Roll 2

In this final shot, with the clouds of dust floating up from him, the donkey looks at me and seems to say “Did you get that?”

Donkey roll 3

I certainly did!

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