• Let Love Rule

    I created this Valentine’s Day image today, from a photo I took recently. Whatever you think about the commercial qualities of this ‘holiday’, take a moment to consider all the people who love you today. And let them know how much you value them. And if you are feeling unloved, take this to be your Valentine’s Day card from the world.

  • love you x 4

    Odious, cynical commercial enterprise, or lovely appreciation for the loved ones in your life… opinions are divided about St. Valentine’s Day. I’ve never been one for fluffy hearts and twee poems, but I do believe in acknowledging the people in my life who buoy me up in good and bad times. Back in the day the Greeks described four distinct categories for love: agape, eros, philia, and storge. Agape: a purer, spiritual love that can be applied in the abstract to humanity or divinities. Eros: denotes passionate, intense desire, from which springs the word erotic (Greek erotikos). Philia: it entails a fondness and appreciation of friends, loyalties to family, and…