the love mix

CDs devoted to Love Songs tend to make me want to barf when I read the track list, but today I wondered what I would like on a CD if I was thinking romantic thoughts.

So, I bring you 23 Songs on a Theme of Love in No Particular Order

Love me or Leave Me: Nina Simone
I will Follow you Into the Dark: Death Cab for Cutie
Little Wing: Jimi Hendrix
The Man with the Child in His Eyes: Kate Bush
There is a Light that Never Goes Out: The Smiths
There Ain’t No Cure for Love: Leonard Cohen
Someone: Divine Comedy
Close to You: The Cure
La Femme D’Argent: Air
Kiss: Prince
Glosoli: Sigur Ros
Dancing in the Moonlight: Thin Lizzy
Elevation: U2
Ideal Woman: William Shatner
Bound: Suzanne Vega
Please Call Me Baby: Tom Waits
Once Upon the Sea of Blissful Awareness: Shpongle
Let’s Talk about Sex: Salt n Pepa
Glory Box: Portishead
You’re Nobody Until Somebody Loves You: Dean Martin
Fly Me to the Moon: Julie London
Dusk You and Me: Groove Armada
If Lovin’ You is Wrong: Faithless

I should add that my music library has not yet been returned to its original state prior to the hard drive suicide, so I’ve probably left off a bunch of contenders. This is what sprang to mind when I considered what’s been restored so far. I could have added multiple songs from certain artists (Tom Waits in particular) but I stuck to just one example, and forced the list down to 23, which is a fine number.

It occurs to me that Hard Drive Suicide would be a fabulous name for a band. I must work it into a story.

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