Summer Frights

As part of the fourth Summer Frights Horror Writing School, presented by Alex Davis events, I’ll be giving a workshop titled ‘Take it Eerie: Writing Unsettling Scenes’.

With a range of ticket packages available, you can pick from guest workshops, feedback sessions, one-to-ones and more. It commences on 8 June, 2023, and you can snap up early bird tickets until the end of April.

The confirmed Speakers are

  • Dave Jeffery (A Quiet Apocalypse series, Frostbite, Finding Jericho)
  • Maura McHugh (The Boughs Withered, Judges: Psyche)
  • Alison Moore (The Retreat, Eastmouth, The Lighthouse)
  • Teika Marija Smits (The Forgotten and the Fantastical series, Russian Doll)
  • Ashley Stokes (Gigantic)
  • Simon Kurt Unsworth (The Devil’s Detective, The Devil’s Evidence)

For more information on costs and the various packages that are available, check out the Eventbrite page.

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