Writing the Future

Thanks to Dan Coxon and Richard V. Hirst for including me in the Writing the Future anthology from Dead Ink Books in September 2023.

As Dan summarised it on Facebook: ‘Brand new essays on writing speculative fiction by Toby Litt, Nina Allan, Tendai Huchu, James Miller, Adam Marek, Rachelle Atalla, Anne Charnock, Aliya Whiteley, Adam Roberts, Una McCormack, Ollie Langmead, Marian Via Rivera-Womack and Maura McHugh.’

I wrote about the longevity of the 2000 AD comics universe and the many worlds it has spawned. The essay is called ‘The Eternal Apocalypse: How British Comic 2000 AD Remains Relevant’.

The book is available to pre-order now from Dead Ink Books.

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