Welcome 2 2022

Hello, from a windswept and soggy Galway, a wild beginning to a New Year! How are you doing?

I’ve just sent out an Irregular Thoughts newsletter to my subscribers (please feel free to join them!), and it’s shocking to realise that it’s been a year since I sent one. The current edition (lucky 13) is a summary of what I’ve been up to over the last twelve months for those who don’t have the time to keep track of me via Twitter or Instagram – and who can keep up with all this news hurtling at us constantly via multiple feeds?

As usual I aspire to do better and blog and newsletter more often, but all I can say is… we’ll see.

Like many people I suffer from information overload and since my mind is constantly scrolling with thoughts about my life and my work at times it seems like a chore to impart a condensed, edited, and sane version of that to others.

2021 was a roller-coaster year for most people – and I’m no exception – but taking a wider perspective I’m cautiously optimistic while appreciating that life will always be quixotic.

As I said in my newsletter: you must play the cards you’ve been thrown, even when the dealer seems like a kook or a crook. And what a wild and fickle tournament it’s been!

I’m grateful for all the people who have supported and helped me over the last year, and for the simple pleasures in life – such as a conversation over coffee IRL with a friend, slaying monsters virtually with my D&D group, or a walk on a beach with a family member.

Most of all, whenever things seem overwhelming I find a walk in Nature always helps the most. The woods and the trees are my constant saviours.

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