Pictured above is my Tower of Psyche novellas, assembled from the complimentary copies sent to me from Rebellion HQ just before the festive period.

Today, the book is officially released. You can now buy the ebook or the special limited edition paperback (signed by me).

The book looks so striking, thanks to cover artist Neil Roberts!

Once again cheers to Michael Carroll, the series editor of the Judges novellas, and to Rebellion Publishing’s Fiction Commissioning Editor, David Thomas Moore, and Editor, Kate Coe, for their support and assistance.

Here’s the blurb:

Washington DC, 2044: Phoebe Wise has always known she was different; she joined the Judge programme to get away from all that. But the Department has other ideas. Radical, outrageous ideas.

Mega-City One, 2141: Pam Reed is the best pre-cog Psi-Div has, rushed to a crumbling block in one of the oldest sectors of the Meg to dig through files thought long-lost.

And something has reached across the decades to bring the two Judges together, and protect a future that almost never was.

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