Push Up by Petra Mrša

Wom@rts in Vilnius

Last year I had a great good fortune to be part of a fantastic ten-day residency in Angoulême, France, one of several artistic residencies across Europe established by a Creative Europe Project called Wom@rts.

All of us were responding in some fashion to Simone de Beauvoir’s work The Second Sex.

Between 2019 and 2021 the artworks that emerged from the Wom@rts residencies will be included in a roaming transmedia exhibition across Europe. It opened in Maribor (Slovenia), and today marks its exhibition in Vilniaus rotušė in Vilnius (Lithuania).

After this it will travel to Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Grand Angoulême (France), Rijeka (Croatia), and Limerick (Ireland).

Here’s a description of what we were doing:

In their work, the artists relate to various media, cultural, and generational experiences, asking themselves about the “nature” of the woman, her social embeddedness, about their own history and their future steps.

As I described before, my piece is called ‘Interview with a Sphinx’ and is a comic book narrative over two pages, which is hand drawn directly onto paper, using pencil, ink and colouring pencil.

This is the list of all the artists whose work is being exhibited:

Xulia Vicente, Teresa Búa, Shelagh Honan, Scotty Hervouet, Raquel Lagartos, Petra Mrša, Mina Fina, Mery Pais, Melinda Kostelac, Maura McHugh, Martta Tuomaala, Marta Fermín, Louise Mendoche, Lorraine Neeson, Jo Kelley, Akvilė Magicdust, Stephanie Cadoret, Samira Kentrić, Neringa Žukauskaitė, Nanu Gonzalez, Merieme Mesfioui, Marija Stonytė, Maria Castellanos Vicente, Korina Hunjak, Haya Blanco, Hanne Larsen, Fionnuala Doran, Fernanda Alvarez Jimenez, Cristina Busto Alvarez, Audrey Potrat, Aoife Barrett, and Ana Pečar.

Curator: Breda Kolar Sluga

The featured image above is ‘Push up’ by Petra Mrša.

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