Fantasycon 2017

I’ve always found the British Fantasy Society’s annual convention, Fantasycon, to be a welcoming and friendly event, so I’m looking forward to another fun weekend of conversation and perhaps the occasional tipple at Fantasycon 2017 (29 Sept – 1 Oct).

Here’s my schedule for the event:

Writers and Computer Games – 4 pm (Panel Room 1)
Maura McHugh (mod), Chris Brookmyre, Allen Stroud, Nate Crowley, Jonathan L. Howard

Book launches by PS Publishing – 5 pm (Broadway Suite)
I’ll only be at the event for a short time, but it should be a fun occasion

TV Treasures – 5.30 pm (Panel Room 2)
Maura McHugh (mod), Anne Lyle, Stephen Gallagher, Steve J. Shaw, Gavin Williams

The Twin Peaks Panel – 6.30 pm (Panel Room 2)
Phil Lunt (mod), Neil Williamson, Maura McHugh, Steve J. Shaw, Guy Adams

Screenwriting Tips –  Noon (Panel Room 1)
Maura McHugh (mod), Stephen Gallagher, Sean Hogan, Stephen Volk