Hugo Awards at Helsinki Worldcon

A couple of days before Worldcon I was informed that their Guest of Honour Claire Wendling could not attend due to illness. I hope that Claire makes a speedy recovery and returns to full health.

I was approached by the Hugo Awards committee about stepping in for Claire, as she was due to present the Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story. At this point I was already in Helsinki, and while I had some trepidation about having to appear at such a big event I agreed.

Before I knew it the con was in full swing, and then I was walking onto the stage, and sitting beside the serene, elegant Toastmistress Dr. Karen Lord.

Thankfully, I didn’t fluff any lines or stand in the wrong place, and I was so pleased that the winner of the category was Monstress, written by Marjorie Liu and drawn by Sana Takeda. I’ve been reading the series since it was published, and I’m a huge fan of this dark, lush story.

I had a great time in Finland (with a flying visit to Tallinn in Estonia), and thoroughly enjoyed Worldcon 75. I was lucky to be on fun panels with smart people, and enjoyed hanging out with old pals and meeting new people.

The site selection vote happened, and Dublin 2019 was confirmed as Worldcon 77! The Guests of Honour will be: Ian McDonald, Diane Duane, Mary & Bill Burns, Ginjer Buchanan, Steve Jackson, and Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell.

This is a testament to the tremendous hard work of the bid committee, and best of luck to them with hosting this prestigious event for the first time in Ireland. I may even play some small part in the programming, but more of that anon…

Make sure you buy your membership now, and keep 15-19 August 2019 free in your calendar.

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