Worldcon 75

I’ll be attending the 75th World Science Fiction Convention in Helsinki, Finland from 9-13 August 2017, which is the first time a WorldCon has taken place in a Nordic country.

It looks like it’s going to be a terrific event with a huge array of programming items. It will be my first time visiting Finland, and in a bonus coincidence, a new Moomin Museum has opened in Tampere.

Here is my schedule for the event:

Wednesday, 9 Aug, 2017
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM | Messukeskus, 206
‘Coffee, Pie and Murder: 25 Years Later’
The cult television show Twin Peaks makes its return in 2017. Is this a good idea, or should Laura Palmer finally be allowed to rest in peace?
Mats Strandberg | Eeson Rajendra | Tiina Raevaara | Elisa Wiik | Maura McHugh

Thursday, 10 Aug, 2017
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM in Messukeskus, 206
‘Cape Not Included’
Not all superheros wear capes and not all great graphic novels have superheros. The panel discusses their favourite non-genre comics.
Maura McHugh | Edward Fortune | César Santivañez | Julie McGalliard

Friday, 11 Aug, 2017
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM in Messukeskus, 103
‘Guest of Honour Interview: Claire Wendling’
Guest of Honour Claire Wendling interviewed by Maura McHugh
Claire Wendling | Maura McHugh

Saturday, 12 Aug, 2017
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM in Messukeskus, 101a&b
‘Crafting a Fantasy Novel from Mythology’
Myths, legends, and folklore are often excessively complex and varied. How do you create a coherent fantasy novel for today’s audience from this tangled web?
Maura McHugh | Juliet Marillier | Mark Tompkins | Ellen Kushner | Helena Waris

WorldCon 2017 is also when the site selection vote will take place for WorldCon 2019 – and the lone contender is for Dublin WorldCon!

I’m very excited at the prospect of a WorldCon being hosted in Ireland for the first time (15-19 August 2019). I’ll be casting my vote with pride at WorldCon in Helsinki, and looking forward to celebrating when it becomes official!

Plus, it’s already been announced that the EuroCon in 2019 will be hosted by TitanCon in Belfast, for the following weekend – 22-24 August, 2019.

It’s going to be a fun, geeky fortnight on the island of Ireland in August 2019!

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