Uncertainties in two volumes

I had a terrific time at the Dublin Ghost Story Festival (19-21 August): it was a well-organised and fun event, with just the right number of people attending so you felt you got the chance to chat to everyone.

We also had the launch of the Uncertainties anthologies of supernatural fiction in two volumes, edited by Brian J. Showers, and published by Swan River Press. My story ‘The Light at the Centre’ is in volume 1.

Here’s the table of contents for volume 1:

  • “Foreword” – John Connolly
  • “The Faerie Ring” – John Reppion
  • “From the Archives of the Westmeath Examiner” – Derek John
  • “Wellaway” – Martin Hayes
  • “Last Love” – John Kenny
  • “On a Clear Day” – Robert Neilson
  • “A Letter from McHenry” – Reggie Chamberlain-King
  • “The Light at the Centre” – Maura McHugh
  • “Fran’s Nan’s Story” – Sarah LeFanu
  • “Flyblown” – Timothy J. Jarvis
  • “To the Eternal One” – Mark Valentine
  • “The Seance” – Lynda E. Rucker

And the table of contents for volume 2:

  • “Foreword” – Brian J. Showers
  • “The Swing” – Peter Bell
  • “The Mighty Mr Godbolt” – R.B. Russell
  • “Then and Now” – John Howard
  • “The Ice Beneath Us” – Steve Duffy
  • “Closing Time” – Emma Darwin
  • “Homecraft” – Rosalie Parker
  • “Half-Light” – Steve Rasnic Tem
  • “Imago” – Mat Joiner
  • “The Edge of the World” – Helen Grant
  • “The Court of Midnight” – Mark Samuels
  • “What’s Out There?” – Gary McMahon
  • “Ruby” – Adam Golaski
  • “The Murky” – V.H. Leslie
  • “Love at Second Sight” – Reggie Oliver

Fingers crossed we see another event like this in Ireland next year!