American Horror Mixtape

American Horror Mixtape

After the success of his Brit Horror Mixtape, writer Mark West decided to give the American continent the same treatment, and asked me to contribute a suggestion for the American Horror Mixtape.

Considering I had American and Canadian writers to select from I decided to pick a memorable writer in the field who is a bit more recent, and who hails from north of the United States.

So I selected ‘Dead Bodies Possessed by Furious Motion’, by Gemma Files.

It’s the last story in her debut collection, Kissing Carrion (2003), and one that lingers in my mind to this day. Thankfully, ChiZine Publications has re-printed that terrific collection, and you can purchase it from their web site, or elsewhere. I highly recommend it.

Gemma just won the prestigious Shirley Jackson Award for her novel, Experimental Film, so it’s wonderful to see her talent getting the recognition she deserves.

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