Story in The Grim Future

I’m extremely pleased to announce that my story ‘Zel and Grets’ will appear in the forthcoming anthology The Grimm Future, edited by Erin Underwood.

The beautiful cover is by Richard Anderson.

It’s being published by NESFA Press, and will launch at Boskone 53, Boston as a special limited hardback edition. The Grimm Future is a new science fiction anthology of reimagined Grimm fairy tales.

I’m not as well known for my science fiction, but I love writing it. This was a chance to combine my deep regard for fairy tales with a far-flung futuristic setting.

I can only thank Erin for asking me to be involved, which provoked the story. Without that impetus Zel and Grets would never have come to life in my head. I’m now very fond of them.

It’s also an honour to have my work featured among a wonderful line-up of talent.

Here’s the Table of Contents:

  • “Introduction” by Erin Underwood
  • “Pair of Ugly Stepsisters, Three of a Kind” by Garth Nix (based upon multiple Grimm fairy tales, including Little Brother and Little Sister, Rapunzel, Little Red-Cap, and Cinderella)
  • “The Iron Man” by Max Gladstone (based upon Iron John)
  • “Zel and Grets” by Maura McHugh (based upon Hansel & Gretel)
  • “For Want of a NAIL” by Sandra McDonald & Stephen D. Covey (based upon The Nail)
  • “The Shroud” by Dan Wells (based upon The Shroud)
  • “Long-Term Employment” by Mike Resnick (based upon Death’s Messengers)
  • “Swan Dive” by Nancy Holder (based upon The Six Swans)
  • “The White Rat” by Dana Cameron (based upon The White Snake)
  • “Origins” by Carlos Hernandez (based upon The Star-Talers)
  • “Angie Taylor in: Peril Beneath the Earth’s Crust” by John Langan (based upon The Brave Little Tailor)
  • “The Three Snake-Leaves” by Jeffrey Ford (based upon The Three Snake-Leaves)
  • “The Madman’s Ungrateful Child” by Peadar Ó Guillín (based upon The Bremen Town-Musicians)
  • “Stories of the Trees, Stories of the Birds, Stories of the Bones” by Kat Howard (based upon The Juniper Tree)
  • “Be Still, and Listen” by Seanan McGuire (based upon Little Briar-Rose)

It’s at this point that all the thought and effort it takes to create an entire universe for a short story seems worth it!