World Fantasy Convention 2015

In a couple of days I’m flying to the USA with the main goal of attending the World Fantasy Convention 2015 in Saratoga Springs, NY. The lovely side-effect is getting to spend time with the amazingly talented Kate Laity before and during the convention.

I haven’t attended many WFCs – two in the UK so far. As with most writers I have to judge which events to attend based on a variety of criteria, and once it’s taking place in America the costs balloon significantly. I’d heard good things about the last WFC in Saratoga Springs, and with it being located on the East Coast it makes it a more manageable con to attend.

The Guest of Honours this year are Steven Erikson and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, and the toastmaster is Paul Di Filippo. Special guests include Glen Cook, David Drake, Lloyd Currey, Rick Lieder, and Kathe Koja. There will also be a tribute to the much-respected and much-missed Graham Joyce.

The line-up of other guests is quite extraordinary and intimidating, and I’ve no idea how I’m going to fit in every panel, talk, party, or reading I want to attend.

I’m on one panel at 3pm on Saturday, 7 November in the City Center 2B.

Old Weird, New Weird, or Just Plain Weird
When, and where, do they converge, and converse?
Thomas Monteleone (mod.), Ellen Datlow, Michael Kelly, Anya Martin, Maura McHugh

I’m already brushing up on my reading of weird fiction in preparation, and that’s such a pleasure and inspiration.

Almost immediately upon my return to Ireland I have to get ready to travel to Leeds for the Thought Bubble Comic Book Festival.

That’s the way it goes sometimes: lots of events clustered together, followed by long, quieter periods for contemplation and creation. Getting the balance right is what keeps me tickety-boo.