non-spoiled day

Yesterday the last episode of Game of Thrones aired on this side of the Atlantic. When I woke up I remembered to be careful before I started my daily scan of my various feeds. The previous Monday I’d forgotten this precaution and had stumbled into a spoiler quite quickly.

I noted on Twitter:


Within two minutes someone tweeted a spoiler directly to me.

For a couple of moments a red mist descended… and then, I shook it off.

I closed my social media feeds, and looked out the window at the glorious, sunny morning. I did some work, received a package with a pair of bluetooth headphones I’d ordered for when out walking/running, charged them up, and ventured out to test them. I huffed and puffed under the green, heavy branches of the woods, which swayed to a brisk wind, while listening to upbeat music.

I felt gratitude for being able to buy the headphones, for having the mobility to be outside, and for the beautiful weather.

What a great life we can live, when we let go of the petty actions of sad people.


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