22 pages to go

Our artist on Witchfinder: The Mysteries of Unland, Tyler Crook, recently posted this image of the first 88 pages of Witchfinder artwork, with the caption, ’22 pages left to go!’

It’s weird to see the combined work of 18 months condensed into a thick sheaf of pages. Kim and I finished writing the scripts over six months ago, but the project has been on-going because we’re involved in the proofing of covers, layouts, pencils, inks, and lettering. The job of the writer on comic books doesn’t end when the script is handed in.

Witchfinder is coming out on a monthly schedule, so the final comic book in this five-issue mini-series will be on the shelves in October. Which will make it exactly two years from when Kim and I had our first meeting about the project in his kitchen in London, and trashed out the core concept.

I’m off to Dublin today, and tomorrow I’ll be signing in Sub-City Comics at its new location at 62 Dame Street, Dublin, Ireland 2, from noon – 4pm.

Rob Curley, the owner of Sub-City Comics, informs me there will be Dark Horse goodie bags for the first 50 people at the signing… so buy the comic, get it signed, and snag some loot!