Easter eggs

Since I’m not religious, don’t like chocolate, and I’m a freelancer Easter doesn’t loom large in my calendar as an important holiday. However, the weather has been marvellous this year, and people are in rare good humour, so there’s been a great vibe – plus the Galway Food Festival is on so the city is buzzing.

Although I don’t partake of the chocolate variety I do like normal eggs, and always buy organic. A lot of the time I get eggs that originate from a poultry farm in the Burren called Poulataggle. When I bought my most recent carton of eggs I found a surprise inside (as seen above).

It’s a small gesture, but that made me happy when I saw it (and secured my custom). The extra egg went to Martin, who eats chocholate.

Finally, here’s a line-up of golden, chocolate bunnies for the season that’s in it. The ironic thing is that I took this image in February, when they started appearing in the shops!

Happy Easter/Passover to those that celebrate it!

Chocolate bunnies