neglected film adaptation

Recently my friend Tina Connolly contacted me and asked me if I’d like to contribute as a guest on a web site called Novelocity to answer the question: ‘What ONE (and only one) book needs to be made into a movie?

This is not a question I ponder on a regular basis, but the first answer that zipped into my mind is the one I went with: Mythago Wood by Rob Holdstock.

You can read my reasons for this choice on the web site, but anyone who is familiar with this splendid novel will immediately know why I picked it.

I happen to know that Mythago Wood was under option for a long time, but due to the vagaries of Hollywood it never made it out of development hell. Rob was keen to see the book adapted, so it was somewhat of a disappointment to him that it never worked out.

The potential is still there for a marvellous film version of this pivotal British Fantasy novel, but the great sadness is that Rob will never witness it now.