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rteradio1I had a fabulous time at ArcadeCon this weekend. I’ll do a proper write-up tomorrow when I have the time.

In the meantime I wanted to mention my trip on Friday evening to RTÉ Radio 1 for the broadcast of Arena. I’ve done audio work before – a series of culture discussions for web radio, and some podcasts – but this was new territory in regards to the prestige of the programme and that it was live.

I swotted up on Neil Gaiman‘s career in advance, and arrived well prepared at the Donnybrook campus a little keyed up, but at a manageable level. Radio is intimate and much more conducive to a good discussion if you get the right people. Sean Rocks, the presenter of the show, is a master: he exudes a calm confidence at the centre of his electronic domain, surrounded by an array of screens and mikes. He effortlessly established a good rapport. It was a pleasure to work with someone so adept at putting his guest at ease.

The ten minutes sped by in a blur. I did my best to keep up the stream of information without pausing too much. Sean, the producer, and the friendly Arena team, seemed happy with my contribution, and I received some complimentary feedback from people who heard the show. You can listen to my segment online.

On Sunday I was interviewed in a rather noisy environment by Eamonn Bell after my special guest slot at Arcadecon. The sound of an animated discussion by a group of good-spirited con attendees nearby was pretty distracting, and at times I wasn’t sure if I could be heard. As it turns out I’m pretty clear throughout, although Eamonn’s questions are a little faint on occasion. We were sometimes shrugging at each other in a ‘what-can-you-do?’ kind of way when the laughing and cheering got a bit much, which accounts for some of the pauses. You can listen to that on the WorldIrish web site.

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