Minnie photobomb

My dog Minnie doesn’t like being photographed. Mainly I take to take images of her when she’s not looking – when she’s occupied sniffing at something in the woods she doesn’t care if I snap some images of her. Otherwise I have to pester her to get a good shot.

Yesterday I was delighted to see bluebells in a spot in my local woods where I’ve never seen them grow before. I stopped to take some photos and Minnie sat further up the hill and got into the shot.

Minnie photobomb

Minnie gets very impatient when I pause to take photos on our walks together. After all, in her opinion it’s a walk, not a walk, and stop. She’ll sit down a little ways ahead of me, and emit occasional whines of protest.

I often wish Minnie had a slightly different temperament. She’s not a dog that likes hugs or cuddles – she tolerates them, but prefers her own space.

When's the walk?

But, she is who she is. I’m sure she often wishes I was different – someone who walked her three times a day, fed her nine times a day, and played with her twelve times a day.

I guess neither of us are exactly as the other wants.

Noble Minnie

But on the days when I take her to the beach, all is forgiven. Then, both of us are happy.

She is caught up in the multitude of smells and the play in the waves, and her joy and delight makes me smile.

There is nothing like a happy, grinning dog to cheer you up.

Coole Minnie