arts festival parade 2011

The annual Macnas parade during the Galway Arts Festival is always an event. Macnas is a street theatre company which has garnared an international reputation for its colourful and inventive parades.

This year it did not disappoint with an extravaganza called This Fierce Beauty.

One of the things I like about the parade is the typical relaxed Galway attitude, which means there are no barriers or cordons. People line the streets and are encouraged to keep back to a respectable distance by the stewards and the police, but without too much hassle.

It started off with an intense red flare and smoke, and was followed by fabulous creatures propelled by bikes, threatening pirates, a giant girl, people dressed in steampunk outfits, music, fireworks, dancing and a lot of fun and laughter.

I had a number of favourite moments, but I loved the gangly tuxedoed gentlemen with animal heads.

They were just as good as the dragon.

Well dressed beasts

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