take a deep breath

Take a deep breath

I like to play around with images in Paint Shop Pro: change their colours, deform them, reverse them, etc. and see what happens. A lot of the time I have no objective other than to see what arises. It’s an enjoyable exercise for me.

This started out as a photo I took of a children’s ride outside a café in Santa Ponsa, Mallorca last February. It was late at night and the town was deserted. This gnome and his crazy, wild-eyed horse companion had that weird, startling life of the neglected toy.

Perhaps I was inspired by tonight’s fun episode of Fringe, with its homage to Inception, A Scanner Darkly and The Matrix.

Recently I watched the film Get Him to the Greek. This picture represents a ‘stroke the furry wall‘ moment.

The trip is going to end, but right at this moment, you think you’re going to die.

Don’t turn round to stare at the misshapen gnomish doppelgänger you just know is glaring at you… take a deep breath and stroke the furry wall.