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Perplexed Wren

This little fellow had quite an escapade today.

Since we’re having beautiful weather at the moment I left the back door to our kitchen/dining room open. A while later, as I tapped away on the computer, I heard scuffling noises from the kitchen. When I investigated I discovered this chap rustling about among the cups on the windowsill, desperate for an exit.

This is a somewhat regular occurrence. I’ve had swallows (three in one go!), chaffinches and robins take a wrong turn and end up trapped in the house. One time it took me a couple of days to evict a tiny avian adventurer because it flew into one of the other rooms and hid among furniture. What stories it must have brought back to its nest and flock afterwards!

Often, it’s quite hard to guide the scared birds out of the room, or to capture them temporarily.

Today the king of the birds froze, and I was able to scoop him up and gently place him on the exterior windowsill (which is in need of a good wash after winter).

For a time he just sat there with his beak open as he sucked in panicked breaths. It was enough time for me to get my camera and take a couple of pictures.

Minnie the dog was intrigued, and tried to get a good sniff by putting her paws up on the ledge, but I discouraged her from disturbing our royal visitor.

After a few minutes the wren regained his dignity and swept away to family and friends to regale them of his encounter in the House of Humans.

I spotted this lovely YouTube video of wrens singing, and thought I’d add it to the post.

I hope our visiting wren has regained his singing voice by now.

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  • Sam

    I remember spending a good couple of hours one Christmas chasing one of these round Frood’s parents’ house after one of the cats brought it in. We had to trap both cats in the study first, which was an adventure in and of itself.


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