I thought this image might catch your attention.

I snapped it in Dublin last weekend. This is the window of MAC cosmetics in the large department store Brown Thomas on Grafton Street.

Last weekend MAC launched its limited edition Wonder Woman line of cosmetics. To celebrate they had colourful window displays (see below) and body-painted a fit young man to look like a walking piece of comic book art.

It was interesting that this event was going on the same weekend as P-Con, with just the length of Exchequer Street between them. Yet, they might as well have been on different worlds (Earth and Themyscira I suppose).

When I inquired of a staff member if the range was successful she said the products were taking flight from the store with the speed of the comic book heroine they were named after. It seems that the iconic Wonder Woman has huge appeal among women (or men) who like make-up.

I can affirm that the mascara (black) and lip gloss (red) are very good (but they will dent your credit card).

Wonder Woman saves cosmetics

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