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Minnie subdues racoon

It’s been a while since I inflicted a picture of Minnie the pooch upon you. I snapped this the other morning, as she stared resolutely away from the camera.

She hates the shiny metal box that causes me to pause and point it at objects during her walks, so she shows her disdain towards it at every opportunity.

That’s her racoon toy, which is rather adorable. She loves it because it’s very long, so she can grab it in the middle, scamper around the table and whip it about viciously so both ends slap against carpet, chairs, your legs…

It has a squeaker in the head and in the end of the tail. She promptly broke the one in the tail as soon as she got it.

She does like to make her toys squeak. It’s quite amusing when she lands on top of one of them forcefully and it lets out such a loud squawk that it gives her a fright.

But, that’s not as hilarious as the other night when she was making noises like Donald Duck while she was asleep. Maybe in her dreams she was trying to speak water fowl.

I don’t think the conversation went well.

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  • Sam

    That is a great picture of Minnie. I love that expression. It’s the “Ignore them when they do something you don’t like” school of training. She’ll only start paying attention to you again when you stop pointing the camera at her.


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