back in the woods

Gold Reflection

This morning we had the first frost of autumn. My car was a icicle (or a carcicle as I call it), and my dog Minnie waited impatiently for me to defrost the windows before we drove to the woods.

It was blindingly sunny. The azure skies were scrubbed of clouds. A low mist clung to the undergrowth, and ice sparkled on fading flowers and dying leaves. My favourite autumnal weather.

Even though I’ve only been away from the woods for a few days it’s remarkable how quickly change takes place at this time of the year. Holly berries have appeared in great scarlet clusters. Most of the trees are sporting bald spots. The woods smell of mud and decay.

I took a lot of photographs, some of which came out to my satisfaction. I like the one above because of the way the sun transforms the wilting leaf into a luminous reflector of light.

What a way to go!

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  • Sam

    It’s beautifully clear and crisp here, too. Sadly no doggage to enjoy it with and I’m far too ill to go romping through woods. Under strict orders to take it easy and get plenty of rest.