The supreme flower of feminine pulchritude, Tira the Incomparable (and part-time lion-tamer), sashays into Big Bill Barton’s Wonder Show to the sound of trumpets and a red carpet rolling in front of her.

Her dress revels in every curve. She purrs through painted lips as she saunters past leering men:

“A penny for your thoughts. Got the idea boys. You follow me?”

Then she sings:

They call me sister honky-tonk
I’ve got the face of a saint,
I’m a lover that ain’t tamed,
Beware of these eyes,
I’m a devil in disguise,
Oh, they call me sister honky-tonk
They call me sister honky-tonk.

Oh, to be the sensational and salacious Mae West!

Match the story (and the number) to the face at Mirrors.

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