ease on down, ease on down the road

I missed a post yesterday due to a dreadful migraine. Some times you have to give in, retreat to a darkened room, and hope for sleep.

Today I received another rejection. It’s a case of the story not being the right fit for the market. They liked the writing, and gave it serious consideration. It was a positive no, but a no nonetheless.

I’ll see if I can do any more fine-tuning to it, and if not I’ll push it out to the next market and cross my fingers.

I have a lot of written work due for college on Monday, so it will be a while before I can turn my attention to the short story.

I’ve been working on the structure of my film. I’ve excised a complete sub-plot, and am grafting in a major plot line. This means my entire story is undergoing extensive surgery. I’ve made a lot of notes, and I think I know how the scenes fall together now.

I have to re-write my step-outline and treatment, and tackle a couple of scenes by Monday.

Yeah, no problem!