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Fri, 27 January 2012 this evening

Evenings like this make up for the remorseless grey days of winter.

Thu, 17 November 2011 thought bubble 2011

I’m heading out later today to travel to Leeds to attend Thought Bubble, the city’s Comic Art Festival – which runs in conjunction with its International Film Festival.
The guest list is impressive, and I’m hugely excited at the propspect of meeting (however briefly) some of the great talents in the comic book industry at the [...]

Fri, 09 September 2011 Dessicated heart

A drop of love would make it beat again.

Wed, 07 September 2011 where did the summer go?

This is one of my favourite flower photographs of the summer, taken on a rare hot day in Galway.
There must be a miniature sun secreted in the folds of that rose to account for its Hollywood glow (no spray tan required).
The image cheers me up as the days take on a duller, less [...]

Tue, 09 August 2011 first shrooms

One of the events I look forward to in August is the return of the mushroom.
I love taking photographs of fungi, so I was delighted to discover this large colony of shrooms on a fallen tree in the forest today.
Alas the light was not the best, but this is a decent shot of one [...]

Wed, 03 August 2011 slanted

An old post, slanted deep in summer foliage, against the changable sky.
Summer in Ireland.

Tue, 05 July 2011 sunset, then the lesbian aliens

I snapped this image late this evening down by the River Corrib in Galway city. The Film Fleadh kicked off tonight, so I passed a long line of people, some dressed up smartly, waiting to get into the Rowing Club. That’s the official after-movie venue for the Fleadh, and it has a lovely section at [...]

Sun, 23 January 2011 shrouded

A cold, dank mist smothered Galway today. There were none of the usual markers of morning, noon and twilight, just a constant grey tone that collapsed suddenly to darkness in the evening.
It was the kind of day that offered no incentive to venture outside, but the dog needed her walk, so in the afternoon I [...]

Sun, 19 December 2010 the kindness of strangers

It’s the last Sunday before December 25th so Galway city was thrumming with people and vendors earlier.
The above picture was taken of the Galway market by St. Nicholas’ Collegiate Church with an almost-full moon adding illumination. Smoke from a wood-burning stove lends atmosphere to the shot.
The mood in the city was upbeat, if a bit [...]

Tue, 05 October 2010 capturing the spirit

The weather in the West of Ireland could best be described as mercurial today. As I type the wind whips the trees in my back garden and stampedes piebald clouds. A sudden, violent deluge of rain has just ended. Looking out a window at the front of my house I see sunlight streaming through an [...]

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