• roiling

    The sun will be engulfed. But it continues to shine behind the interposing veil.

  • longest day

    It’s the solstice, so hopefully it’ll be a long, warm day. I took this photo recently of a field covered in buttercups – it was a radiant sight. They are another one of the common flowers that I think are sheer beauty. Or the violet – common, abundant, and sublime. Simple pleasures are often the most sweet. I love the patterns cast by light shining through moving water. I snapped this image a few weeks ago. I hope this long day is a good one for all of you (and the short day down below passes peacefully).

  • Wish I was there

    When I was travelling up to Derry last week I stopped at Enniscrone in Sligo during a spate of spectacular weather. I ended up squeezing in an extra day there because it was too good to leave. I made this little video of how wonderful it was that morning on the beach using the camera on my mobile phone. I love the sound the waves make as they crash onto the beach. The wind is a bit loud at times, but my rough and ready video is a reminder of a radiant day. It’s especially nice to watch now that the weather has turned a bit grey and wet. I…

  • bealtaine blossoms

    May 1st – the traditional date for the beginning of summer in Ireland – had a diffident start here, rather like the year. But it unfurled into beauty, so I got out this evening to take some snaps. The blossoms were sublime. A perfect tribute for Bealtaine. These are blackthorn blossoms. They are more individual than cherry blossoms which congregate together in grand clusters. This is from the tree in my front garden, which has just gone into bloom. These petals look like a divine fabric I would love to be clothed in. I liked the lighting and colour in this shot. What a glorious start to the summer!