• Easter memories

    Two years ago I was in Stockholm with friends for Easter – it was unseasonably warm, with blue skies and a hot sun, so I had a wonderful introduction to that cosmopolitan city. I loved these giant Easter eggs in a window. Happy Easter/Passover to those of you who celebrate it!

  • easter egg window

    I took this picture while I was in Stockholm, Sweden over Easter. I’m always interested in the differences in detail from country to country. This is an image I could not have shot in Ireland. We don’t have that style of window combined with that wrought iron, and I’ve never seen an Easter decoration like that over here. I love the cartoon scene on the giant eggs. It has the sheen of cute nostalgia, yet the the rabbit is a touch too cheerful, and appears to be talking the duck out of one of her eggs. Maybe it’s a protection racket: one stripy egg for the rabbit, or else a…