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    dogs and shoes

    When I was in Dublin this week I was fortunate to stay with Lynda Rucker, and her housemates Liz and Charlotte. Liz has a fabulous dog called Coco who is a sweetheart. As I’ve mentioned before my dog Minnie is not one for PDAs, but Coco is a total extrovert with her affection. I couldn’t resist taking a snap of her with my mobile phone. Minnie gave me a glad welcome when I arrived home, and a proper sniffing. I wonder if she was thinking ‘The cheek of her! Spending time with another mutt.’ I snuck into a few shops in Dublin, and spotted this incredible Lady Gaga-esque pair of…

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    land of the giants

    People might think there is no cross-over between geeks and fashionistas, but those stuffy stereotypes are vanishing. We’re all digital and cool these days. By Irish standards I’m almost a giantess, even though I’m not quite 6 feet in my bare feet. Most people see me wearing some kind of heeled shoe so generally I’m hitting into the six footer territory. Behold my new sandals, made by FLY London, in which I become even taller than normal. When I was younger I used to try to lessen my height. Now I embrace my tallness and am not afraid of heels any more (well, I’m not talking about stilettos, which are…

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    cat boots

    I’m not a person who covets shoes, but I suspect some of you reading this blog might. Often, I like to take photographs of eye-catching display items, and this nabbed my attention in a shoe shop in Galway last Saturday. Not my style at all, but I liked the combination of colours and patterns, especially on a dull February day. The cat ankle books look like something from a fantasy story: put them on, say the magic word, and you are transformed into a cat. And you can even have a matching purse.