• Y in Nowhereville

    My short story 'Y' will be in the anthology, Nowhereville: Weird Is Other People, edited by Scott Gable and C. Dombrowski, and published by Broken Eye Books on 17 December.

  • ‘Y’ in Eyedolon 1

    I’m really pleased to say that my short story ‘Y’ is appearing in issue 1 of Eyedolon (‘Toward a Weirder Tomorrow’), a new online anthology series from Broken Eye Books, edited by Scott Gable. If you wish to read the work and/or subscribe to the series, you can join its Patreon. Here’s the ToC for the first issue: “It’s 84 pages with four stories: Maura McHugh’s “Y,” a very personal apocalypse S.P. Miskowski’s “Patio Wing Monsters,” a quizzical tale of convalescence Matthew M. Bartlett’s “Who Beareth the Body,” mindbending small-town horror (part 1 of the serial The Obsecration) Joe Pulver’s “The Package from Desertshore,” a surreal and poetic novelette (part…